Infrastructure Management in the Cloud

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If not managed efficiently, the scale and complexity of your cloudinfrastructure investment can compromise the very benefits that the transformation was supposed to bring. We develop tools that simplify and streamline management of your cloud infrastructure for example, by automating frequent and manual activities such as provisioning and decommissioning of resources and complex workflow scheduling.

Templated Server Provisioning & Imaging

manage1Whether you use virtualization for sand box development and prototyping or for production, we help develop and deploy repeatable, automated processes of remote provisioning of your physical systems or virtual machines. This provides great flexibility for when there’s a need to deploy, clone or move VMs.

Workflow Automation Support

manage2Our automation tools enable rapid design and deployment of scalable workflows to execute hundreds or thousands of workflows on distributed architectures

Scalable network JS applications development

manage3Our vast expertise in high performance server and client side scripting, developing scalable network JavaScript applications and web services is a great benefit for IT organizations seeking to get the most out of their assets dedicated in the cloud.